Enhance, lift and add contour to the face, correct facial volume loss and  reclaim a youthful appearance!  

We use a wide variety of FDA approved formulas which are

carefully selected for each patient for use throughout the face.


Juvéderm® , Versa® +           $599

Restylane Define, Refine

Restylane Kysse.            $650

Volbella®                            $750
Vollure®                             $799

Mini Lip Plump

½ syringe                            $450

mini kysse*                   $499


Mini enhancement:

Restylane Lyft               $750

Voluma® (1 ML)             $799
(1.5 ML)         $899

Full enhancement: (1 syringe per side)

Lyft:                                $1450

Voluma:                           $1500

Radiesse:                         $1600

Chin                               $750

Jaw Line                  $1250

+ chin filler:                     $1800

Smile Lines              $550

Under Eye

Light Correction            $550
Mild Correction             $750

Full Correction.             $1450

(includes cheek filler)


Xeomin®                      $11/unit
Jeuveau®                    $12/unit
Botox®                        $13/unit

*the average patient requires approximately 30-40 units.

Syringe Savings: 

get 3 syringes and receive        $150 off !

                                                       *excludes mini lip plump 

advanced rejuvenation

Kybella                                                               $600/vial
FDA approved permanent injectable

fat dissolver for stubborn double  chin fat.
*More than one session may be needed to achieve desired results.     

PRP Hair Restoration (3)                                     $1650
A safe and natural way to regrow healthy hair using your own platelet

rich plasma to stimulate new and old hair growth as well as promote

follicle health. 
Additional Sessions:  $650 Ea.

Sclerotherapy                                                      $450/quadrant
Minimally invasive injectable treatment to reduce and eliminate

visible spider veins on the legs. Sessions done 4 weeks apart.
Additional Sessions:  $275 ea.

IV Hydration

re:hydrate drip                                                      $99 

re:vival hangover drip                                        $189

Boost your hydration status with a 30 minute fluid and electrolyte drip! Restore lost fluids after a work out, or re:cover after a long night out!

*re:vival drip includes anti-nausea

Did you know you can re:hydrate

while getting another service, like during a facial or fillers?!

re:fresh beauty bar

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