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Danielle Repetti

 Registered Nurse

Certified aesthetic injector

For as long as I can remember, I have been a creator, and owning a business that allows me to create has always been my dream. A beauty guru by day, and an emergency room nurse by night, I have been plugged into the beauty industry for over fifteen years and counting. I continue to learn and grow in my field while staying proficient in nursing, maintaining updated certifications and constantly furthering my education through hands on trainings and seminars.  With an extensive background in makeup, art and design, I pride myself on my aesthetic eye for facial anatomy and visual symmetry. I believe in the importance of staying up to date on the latest beauty trends, and truly knowing how to execute each patients wants and needs. I believe that not only is there a science behind facial enhancements, but a true art in which you must master in order to deliver the most impressive corrective and enhanced results. 

My love and passion for the world of aesthetic nursing is what truly sets me apart in this industry, and I can't wait to share that with you, making you feel the most beautiful you've ever felt! 

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Roxane Campanaro

licensed esthetician

After  years of catering to skin in fancy day spas, I knew there had to be a better way to achieve and maintain results, without devoting countless hours to the spa. This is when I fell in love with the idea of luxurious yet effective skincare.

"re:fresh skin" was created from my passion for healthy glowing skin and easy beauty maintenance. With clarity and longevity in mind, it was designed for clients to achieve the most impressive results without spending hours doing so. My treatments are individually tailored to meet each clients specific needs, and to ultimately transform your skin into its most naturally beautiful state. I am committed to using the most exclusive and scientifically proven products and machines on the market to deliver dramatic improvement to the skin. You can finally experience luxury skincare that bridges the gap between science and beauty. This is achieved through custom built treatments and a balanced at home skincare regimen.

I am so grateful to share my passion with you, and look forward to helping you achieve your most re:freshed skin yet!

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jan zislis, MD

Physician medical director

Dr. Zislis is a board-certified emergency medicine physician,  as well as a high profile concierge medicine practitioner. His experience in a comprehensive range of healthcare settings enables him to diagnose and treat emergent and chronic conditions. With the goal of providing thorough yet practical care to his patients he delivers treatment at the highest levels of personal service. With his commitment to excellence, he has earned numerous awards throughout his career in medicine.  


Dr. Zislis serves as Medical Director for re:fresh beauty bar, overseeing patient charts, approving and directing procedures, and ensuring the safety and credibility of each of the medical services offered at re:fresh. Dr. Zislis also serves as Chief Medical Officer of his own practice "Modern Med Concierge", where he offers a full range of custom concierge medical services including but not limited to botox, hormone replacement therapy, IV vitamin drips, PRP for sexual enhancement and more!